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Who We Are

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Caregiving On-Demand

BookJane is an on-demand, mobile and web platform, that connects trusted caregivers with families. The service offers caregiving for any age group, whether care is required for an infant or a senior, BookJane helps to find the right caregiver to suit each need.

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Hand Selected & Pre-Screened Caregivers

Each Jane caregiver is personally interviewed in order to join the team. We make safety our number one priority, so that you have peace of mind when leaving your most precious loved ones in our care.

Why We Created BookJane ...

As we live in a world where on-demand services are becoming increasingly popular, we have brought this same technology to the caregiving industry. We know life can get hectic at times - we identified a need for young families who have children and may also be taking care of their elderly parents while trying to balance their work schedule. BookJane is designed to help alleviate some of life’s pressures by providing a source of trusted caregiving.

BookJane is there when you need the extra set of helping hands.

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Behind The Name

Why did we choose the name BookJane? Jane can be you! Jane is independent, friendly, kind, and compassionate. Jane enjoys working with those who are in need of assistance like children, seniors, people with injuries, and many others.

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