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Who's Jane?
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Become a caregiver with BookJane and earn additional income for yourself as an independent contractor.

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Manage your own schedule

Be your own boss! You will receive incoming job requests right to your app, choose when you want to accept jobs as it suits your schedule.

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Another great source of income

BookJane is one of the highest compensating caregiving companies in the industry! We direct deposit your earnings into your bank account from our application.

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Work close to home

We help to connect you with clients looking for caregiving in your area.

Will you offer senior care, child care, or both?

When you register with us as a caregiver, let us know your qualifications and we can find the right opportunities for you! You must be minimum 18 years old and eligible to work in Canada.

Join the Team

There are lots of opportunities with BookJane just waiting for you, in addition to in-home care, some other opportunities include:

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Receiving jobs from child care centres

We’ve partnered with local child care centres that are looking for qualified RECE and ECA supply staff. You must have, or are willing to get, a valid CPR and First Aid certificate, and up to date immunizations.

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Receiving jobs from senior retirement homes

Our Janes help to provide companionship and basic assistance to seniors who are living in senior residence homes. We’ve also partnered with senior care centres that use BookJane to request PSW caregivers.

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Paula M, 42

"Working with BookJane and being part of the team is great, because I am getting the chance to work at different centre with different age groups, I also enjoy the flexibility that they offer and not to mention having some incredible bosses and being part of BookJane has been awesome so far!"

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Leona X, 26

"BookJane is a great opportunity to work as a team, independently and to develop professional life as a caregiver! I became part of BookJane Team in May 2016. So far, I really enjoy working with clients in the childcare centres and school program that booked through BookJane. Being part of BookJane Team also allows me to utilise my skills, experiences and knowledge as well as to learn something new from different clients and environments."

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Ashlee H, 29

"I wasn't sure I would enjoy supply work but meeting the great people at BookJane gave me the confidence I needed and now I absolutely love working with BookJane. I get tons of jobs. I can set my own days too. And all the centres I've worked with rave about the BookJane supply staff. The orientation was amazingly helpful in which I was given all the information I needed to be supply staff. And a bonus was meeting the other fabulous members. I love working with BookJane!"