BookJane Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Employee Benefit Program

It’s costing businesses $17.1 Billion to $33.6 Billion per year in productivity for caregivers who take time from their work responsibilities to provide care for loved ones.


Requirement to attend to love ones in need with little notice and burden on colleagues to provide sufficient coverage.

Low Staff Productivity

Focusing on issues at home for both children and senior parents. Lots of distractions – checking personal texts, emails, phone calls, etc.

Stress of Work/Life Balance

Employee turnover and impact of negativity to colleagues.

How BookJane Helps with Child Care Needs:

  • Date Night
  • Alone Time
  • Pick Up/ drop off From School
  • Need to leave work early
  • Can’t stay late to finish work
  • Work Travel

How BookJane Helps with Senior Care Needs:

  • Taking senior parents to appointments:
    • Medical Appointments
    • Personal Appointments
  • ln-Hospital Care
  • ln-Home Care