Creating a shift in the care industry.


Thousands of jobs available.

Unprecedented access.

Grant your team access to thousands of available jobs via the BookJane network. Your agency members can find the work they want with ease by using BookJane’s revolutionary app from any device, at any time.

We source jobs.

BookJane will source jobs from over 700 care partners across North America.



Flexibility & Choice

Retain Your Staff

Many of your caregivers work at multiple jobs to ensure they have sufficient work. Keep them at your agency by providing more opportunities for them to work.

Set their own schedules

Empower your caregivers to choose the jobs they want — when they want — by browsing and selecting work via the BookJane app.

No more waiting for work.

With the BookJane mobile app, your team members have the ability to see all relevant, available jobs in one place. They no longer do have to wait by the phone for their agency to call.



Understand your data.

Get actionable insights.

Get real-time, in-depth analytics on your caregiver performance, shift metrics, and revenue generation. Know which shifts are accepted or pending and track your revenue in real-time — all from one easy-to-view dashboard.



Plug and work.


Onboarding made easy.

Bringing your members onboard with BookJane is effortless. Simply invite them to download the BookJane app and register under your agency name. The process is quick and painless.

We have shifts. You have people.

Talk to a BookJane pro today and get 90 days of results—FREE.