An unrivalled 
staffing platform.


No spreadsheets.

No phone calls.

One solution to fill a shift.

One cloud platform to efficiently fill all of your open shifts.

Better utilize your part-time and casual staff.

All your part-time and casual staff  to access more shifts by allowing them to view and accept available jobs right from their mobile phones. No waiting by the phone for a scheduler to call.

A union-friendly solution.

BookJane's callout algorithm adheres to your facility's collective bargaining agreements. Once you input a shift, BookJane will send out that shift to qualified team members based on union rules.



Flexibility & Choice

Set their own schedules

Engage your team members to browse and select the jobs they want, on their own time.

No more waiting for available work

With the BookJane mobile app, your team members have the ability to see all relevant and available jobs in one place. Gone are the days of waiting for a scheduler to call.

Share team members

Team members from your other locations can browse and accept jobs across your entire organization. More available hours will help keep all your staff engaged.



Reduce administrative stress

Easy to get aboard

BookJane is simple, easy and intuitive. You can create a shift in just a few simple clicks. Your team members can easily accept your shifts directly through their mobile phone with a single tap.

Advance scheduling

Easily set your team's schedule in advance and have their shifts show up directly on their mobile device.

Automated shift fulfillment

Simply create the shifts you need and let BookJane's auto-scheduler take care of the rest. Reduce your daily administrative time by over 80% and devote more time towards delivering better care.



Get the big picture


Actionable insights

Get real-time, in-depth analytics on your shifts. Know your fulfillment rates, which shifts are accepted or pending, and your overtime costs—all from one easy-to-view dashboard.


Integrate with
zero disruption

Seamless Frontline Technology

Our platform's open API easily integrates with your existing systems. This effectively streamlines your operational efforts to quickly get BookJane running within your organization.

Say goodbye to staffing challenges.

Talk to a BookJane pro today and get 90 days of results—FREE.