Public Health Vaccination

Given the urgent need for faster mobilization of the workforce to rollout vaccination, BookJane’s innovative technology platform allows healthcare organizations to efficiently activate their workforce in a fraction of the time! This allows for easier scheduling and faster shift fulfillment.

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Graphic showing BookJane clinician giving a vaccination shot to a patient

BookJane helps the Region of Peel quickly mobilize staff for vaccination rollout!

BookJane, a leading online healthcare-scheduling platform that helps long term care (LTC) and senior living facilities find, schedule and communicate with staff, has partnered with the Region of Peel to support the region’s COVID-19 vaccination program. BookJane is responding to the Region of Peel’s urgent need for healthcare workers by providing its technology platform to quickly mobilize and deploy physicians to the region’s COVID-19 vaccination clinics. All of Peel’s healthcare workers will be able to participate in this program via the BookJane app. BookJane is ready to offer its services to ensure that vaccination clinics in Canada are sufficiently staffed and prepared to vaccinate people quickly and safely.

Proven results for Region of Peel


Shift Filled

in all 7 clinic locations


deployed in
72 hours