Helping fight COVID-19 in partnership with our clients

Since the beginning of the pandemic, as our clients were hit hard by staffing challenges, BookJane’s team quickly mobilized to support our clients in successfully navigating and tackling this never-before-seen crisis. We rapidly implemented our solution to leading long term care facilities, retirement homes, and associations and provided the full support of our team when they needed it most.


As we enter the fall, and ongoing surges of COVID-19, our team is ready to ensure our clients and health care facilities across North America can get ahead of and successfully mitigate waves of staffing shortages.


We understand the ongoing challenges faced by health care facilities, agencies and staff, during the pandemic and beyond, and we remain ready to help.

A critical part of your ongoing pandemic preparedness plan

Staffing preparedness during COVID-19 begins with BookJane. Our award-winning, cloud-based staff optimization and communication health technology platform enables health care facilities across North America to successfully address critical staffing shortages.

Our J360 Platform: Powerfully simple. Deploy in minutes.


 1. As staff needs surge, administrator posts shifts instantly.

2. Internal staff view and

accept shifts in minutes.

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3. Shifts sent to approved agencies to view and accept. Unfulfilled shifts go to your approved agencies to accept shifts in minutes.

Your cloud platform for staff optimization and communication

Instantly Post Open Shifts


Quickly and easily post your open shifts to staff.

Fill Last-Minute Shifts in Real-Time

Instantly post open shifts to the platform are they arise.

Decrease Time-to-Fill

Digital and instant shift posting reduces the


Improve Staff Fulfillment

Increase shift fulfillment

by 40%.

Directly Manage Your Agency Workforce

Digitally post open shifts directly to agency staff, when needed, and set up dedicated pools.

24/7 Online Access
​/7 Online Access

The platform is available for facilities, staff, and agencies whenever they need it to be.

Communicate in Real-Time with Staff

A centralized platform to communicate with internal and agency staff in real-time.​

See how we can help you with staff pandemic preparedness

Join 700+ long term care, senior living and agency customers that rely on BookJane

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Retirement Homes
Long-Term Care

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Health Care Agencies

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Medical Associations

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BookJane for
Facilities and Agencies

BookJane’s industry-leading technology makes filling shifts easy and can increase facility shift fulfillment rates by 90% or more. Instantly communicate with your workforce and enable them to sign-up for the shifts they want — with the click of a button. You can bring your agency staff on the platform too so you can leverage your external workforce digitally if you are short-staffed and need your external workforce to fill shifts. > Learn how we help facilities and agencies.   

BookJane for
Health Care Staff

Health care workforce engagement and retention is more important than ever, and BookJane put employees in control of their scheduling. Employees gain greater autonomy and control over the schedules that work for their lives, which creates higher coverage and drives better employee engagement and retention. BookJane also allows instant, two-way communication between facilities and internal and external staff — critical for awareness, understanding, and mobilization during emergency and pandemic times.

> Learn why health care staff love our platform

Driving Client Success In Challenging Times

Over 700 care facilities across North America and 20,000+ health care workers have already signed on to use BookJane’s platform and we continue to grow.

For nearly 25 years, Amica Senior Lifestyles has enriched the lives of Canadian seniors and their loved ones with its customized approach to meeting residents’ unique and evolving needs. Canadian-owned and operated, Amica residences can be found in neighbourhoods throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.


As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Amica Senior Lifestyles’ human resources and operations teams used BookJane’s platform to instantly get open shifts out to its facility staff so they could mobilize quickly.


The platform was also used to rapidly hire non-care workers and deploy them to its facilities to help with dressing, meal delivery and other non-health care tasks, freeing up time for nurses and personal care workers.


Amica Senior Lifestyles was able to coordinate corporate and facility-level messaging quickly and effectively with BookJane’s communication feature.


As a result of using BookJane, Amica Senior Lifestyles saw 40 percent more shifts taken and realized an 82 percent shift fulfillment rate. Importantly, facilities were able to swiftly communicate important updates to their staff, as they hadn’t been able to before, making staff feel informed throughout the pandemic as facility needs and dynamics changed quickly.

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During the pandemic, BookJane was selected as a technology solution for the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), with the mandate of directly managing what could be a potential shortage of physicians in hospitals and other healthcare facilities across Ontario. The platform allows any hospital or healthcare facility in the Province to immediately broadcast a service request to physicians across Ontario, based on proximity and availability. Physicians can then register directly through the BookJane platform and within minutes can see where there is a need for their services. Since launching, 3,000 physicians have registered on the platform and the OMA remains at the ready to face ongoing waves of the pandemic.


This crisis demands creative solutions, speed of delivery and a partner who understands your challenges and can partner with you every step of the way. BookJane can help you plan today to be prepared for tomorrow.

Client results


Reduction in administration costs based on an average of 400 hrs per month*


Customer increase in shift fulfilment*


Hours saved in overtime*


Dollars saved by facility by month*


Team Members onboarded within the first 3 days*

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