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BookJane Utilizes Comprehensive GIG Booking Platform for Health Care Facilities

BookJane’s marketplace of certified caregivers, however, is not the only feature that sets them apart from the competition. 

TORONTO, November 6, 2018 (Newswire.com) - BookJane's marketplace of certified caregivers, however, is not the only feature that sets them apart from the competition. 

As the CEO of BookJane, Curtis Khan, explains, "we strive for efficiency on a daily basis. To meet our goals, we fully embrace technology which will enable us to not only meet the needs of all our clients but also to be seen as gurus in the industry."

One of the technologies BookJane utilizes is its comprehensive GIG booking platform. The platform is specifically designed for health care facilities to book qualified caregivers on demand within minutes. Users of the platform can book a caregiver with as little as 2 hours of lead time and book multiple days at once, receiving instant acceptance.

In addition to these features, the booking platform enables care facilities to extend, modify, or book with ease, and receive pertinent information about specific caregivers. The platform also includes the option to rate and review caregivers, based on the user's experience. 

Our platform is great for certified caregivers creating a marketplace for the health care space, too, says Khan. With just a few simple clicks, caregivers can view and manage their bookings on their smartphone via the BookJane app.

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BookJane is an award-winning and innovative human capital management technology solution that helps over 700 healthcare facilities across North America digitally manage their internal and external workforces, so they can optimize staff fulfilment and deliver the very best client care. Learn more at BookJane.comtwitter.com/BookJaneIncinstagram.com/BookJaneIncfacebook.com/BookJane.

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