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Canadian Technology Platform BookJane Helping the Region of Peel Vaccinate 1.4 million Residents, 10% of Ontario’s Population

The Region of Peel’s partnership with BookJane has vastly accelerated vaccination efforts to immunize 1.4 million of its residents which began in March

TORONTO, ON, March 24, 2021 --- The Region of Peel in partnership with BookJane is on schedule to deliver vaccines to its 1.4 million residents. This partnership has vastly accelerated the vaccine rollout to immunize 10 per cent of Ontario’s population, as the province enters its third wave.

In only 2 weeks of partnering with BookJane, the Region of Peel was able to mobilized over 200 physicians in the first 72 hours to seven of its COVID-19 vaccination clinics across the region, with 100 per cent of all shifts filled and accepted. There was a 95 percent adoption rate in only 5 days of initiating the platform.

In early February, the Region of Peel was faced with the arduous mission of immunizing 1.4 million residents. BookJane was quickly selected as the technology solution to assist with the vaccine’s rollout. BookJane previously partnered with the Ontario Medical Association, where in April 2020, the platform mobilized over 2,000 physicians in less than a week to ensure hospitals were fully staffed, minimizing the shortage of physicians in the early days of the pandemic.

“The Region of Peel needed an easy to use system to schedule doctors at our COVID-19 vaccination clinics. BookJane set up our clinics, trained our staff and launched a user-friendly site that met our needs in only a few weeks. Working with BookJane was a pleasure; their staff were extremely responsive and helpful throughout this project. Thank you BookJane!“

– Rick Singh – Director, Enterprise Resource Planning, Region of Peel

Leveraging BookJane’s powerful J360 technology solution and functionalities— like the ability to share staff resources with other clinics, instantly schedule and fill shifts—the Region of Peel has vastly accelerated it’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts to immunize its 1.4 million inhabitants.

“BookJane is thrilled for the Region of Peel and we are committed to continue dedicated efforts to helping all Public Health Units mobilize their physicians and other frontline workers in their efforts to vaccinate all Canadians,” says Curtis Khan, Founder and CEO of BookJane.

Ontario has entered its third wave of COVID-19, with new variants of concern leading the epidemic curve that pose more serious health threats to multiple age groups. The urgency for mass immunization remains a top global priority for all Public Health sectors and healthcare organizations. As demonstrated by the Region of Peel and BookJane, partnerships between the public and private sector can harness the skills and services of innovative businesses to ensure the rapid and effective rollout of vaccines to all populations.

BookJane's workforce scheduling software and on-demand marketplace of healthcare professionals is here to help other regions with COVID-19 vaccination and other staffing challenges.

To learn more, visit https://www.bookjane.com/

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