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The On Demand Care Worker Solution for Ontario's Long-Term Care Facilities

Ontario grown BookJane is the technology solution meeting the high-demand for healthcare workers in long-term care facilities fighting COVID-19.

TORONTO, April 27, 2020 /CNW/ - Ontario grown BookJane is the technology solution meeting the high-demand for healthcare workers in long-term care facilities fighting COVID-19. With Ontario's long-term care facilities experiencing an urgent care worker shortage, BookJane provides immediate relief by facilitating access to additional healthcare workers.

"As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, BookJane anticipated the demand that would eventually arise for healthcare workers in long-term care facilities," said Curtis Khan, CEO and Founder of BookJane. "In response to this critical need, we retooled the platform to connect Ontario'smany independent or contract care workers with a single long-term care facility or hospital."

Ontario'slong-term care facilities are currently on the frontlines of COVID-19 breakouts. With Premier Doug Ford's recent announcement restricting healthcare staff from working at multiple long-term facilities, an already in-demand work force is put under increased pressure. Personal support workers and registered nurses who haven't fallen ill to the virus themselves, are struggling to meet the needs of residents leaving our seniors in an even more vulnerable environment.

"Currently we are working with over 200 long-term care facilities and providing them access to the highly-skilled workforce they urgently require," explains Khan. "To flatten the pandemic's curve in Ontario and limit the outbreaks in care facilities, we must work together to provide the necessary support to our frontline healthcare workers. The additional support exists and BookJane connects this workforce to where they are required most."

The BookJane app matches each long-term care facility with access to its own additional pool of workers, consisting of registered nurses and personal support workers. These additional workers possess the unique skill sets that are critically needed. All healthcare workers are thoroughly screened through the app.

BookJane is currently offering the platform to all healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics and long-term care and retirement homes) at no cost. Working in collaboration with Ontario Medical Association and other caregiver associations, over 1800 physicians and 100 hospitals have registered on the app.

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BookJane is an award-winning and innovative human capital management technology solution that helps over 700 healthcare facilities across North America digitally manage their internal and external workforces, so they can optimize staff fulfilment and deliver the very best client care. Learn more at BookJane.comtwitter.com/BookJaneIncinstagram.com/BookJaneIncfacebook.com/BookJane.

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