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You can follow the steps below.  Alternatively, you can download our Quick Start Guide.

  1. During the Sign Up process, select:  I was invited by my Employer

  2.  When prompted, enter the Access Code:  OMA

  3. The Ontario Medical Association information will appear. Confirm by hitting:  YES


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Your profile lets BookJane know more about you, your skills, and work preferences. Once you set all your preferences, you're ready to start booking!


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General Questions

How do I log into the BookJane App?

How do I navigate the menu bar of the app?

I forgot my password for the app, how do I reset the password?

How do I change my password?

App Questions

How do I see and accept available shifts?

Click on "Jobs" in your menu bar. There are 2 types of jobs: (1) Requested Jobs and (2) Open Jobs: Before you accept a shift, review the Job Details to ensure it is a good match for your schedule: When you are confident the date, time, location and shift type are convenient for you, accept the shift:

How do I review my schedule of upcoming shifts?

Click on “schedule” in your menu bar:

App Settings

What can I change in my App Settings?

Go to "Settings" in your menu bar to review and edit your data:

How do I change my video message?

  1. Click on "Settings" in your menu bar.
  2. Click on "Edit Profile".
  3. Click on "Video Message".