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Amid Industry-Wide Cutbacks, Some Canadian Startups are Launching Hiring Sprees

TORONTO, May 11, 2020, (business.financialpost.com)- These half-dozen firms are looking to fill the gap, picking up talent from rivals, and expanding while others pull back.

Curtis Khan, CEO of BookJane, told The Logic he was increasing his workforce by 20 percent. The Ontario-grown health tech startup, which matches health-care professionals to facilities that need staff, was chosen by the Ontario Medical Association to help meet the demand of doctors fighting COVID-19.

Since April 3, over 1,500 physicians have signed up to find work. The company is in the middle of a raise, Khan told The Logic. “During the worst crisis, our business has grown.”

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BookJane is the world’s first award-winning healthcare platform that allows Care Communities to create their own gig-economy to more efficiently utilize their staff, reduce costs and provide better care. The enterprise platform is currently being offered throughout the United States and Canada. 

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