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BookJane Adds Revera as a New Investor Through Revera’s Innovators in Aging Program

Updated: Sep 3

TORONTO & MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, March 12, 2019 --(BUSINESS WIRE)--BookJane Inc. (“BookJane”) today announces that Revera Innovation Inc., the investment arm of Revera Inc. (“Revera”), a Toronto-based private corporation, has made an investment in BookJane through its Innovators in Aging Program.

BookJane, since its founding in 2016, has been committed to providing the highest quality caregivers to its institutional clients from its expanding pool of certified professional caregivers. Through use of its technologies, BookJane is able to deploy caregivers at a level of efficiency that is unprecedented in the healthcare industry. This technology, BookJane J360, is available as a solution that allows healthcare organizations to dramatically improve on their attraction, retention and utilization of their internal staff. In 2018, BookJane J360 was implemented in the United States and Canada showing immediate positive results.

“At BookJane, we are redesigning the future of healthcare. Our technology, BookJane J360, is directly addressing the overall shortage of service professionals that is only expected to worsen,” said Curtis Khan, CEO and Founder of BookJane.

“Revera is more than just an investor. Coming from their innovation fund, the investment demonstrates the significance of what we are trying to achieve in the healthcare industry, specifically in the provision of care for older adults.”

Trish Barbato, SVP, Innovation, and Strategic Partnerships, Revera said, “Revera created the Innovators in Aging Program to invest in organizations that are improving the aging experience. BookJane’s direct approach to addressing health and seniors care labour shortages is urgently needed. We need immediate results for staffing challenges and believe that BookJane provides an innovative opportunity to help our long term care homes and retirement residences with staff resources when needed.”

“The investment is important, but what we really appreciate about having Revera as an investor is our access to their expertise and their leadership position in the senior living industry. It provides an opportunity for us to ensure that our solutions match what the industry needs” Khan added.

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