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BookJane is Expanding Its Service Offerings to Include Dishwashers, Housekeepers and Assistant Cooks

TORONTO, March 5, 2019 (Newswire.com) - BookJane Inc. (BookJane), a leading technology provider in on-demand care, is expanding its service offerings to include dishwashers, housekeepers, and assistant cooks.

“Our customers are asking us to broaden our service,” said Curtis Khan, Founder and CEO of BookJane. “We already offer the highest quality support to long term care facilities, retirement homes, hospitals, in-home care agencies and child care facilities, but our customer needs are diverse: they need cooks in their kitchens, additional housekeeping staff, and dishwasher, so we are expanding to meet that demand.”

Our business clients can now request these services through our BookJane J360 platform, our innovative technology solution that helps companies quickly and efficiently fill absent shifts.

Individuals interested in working in the new roles can apply via the BookJane website at www.bookjane.com. Applicants are also encouraged to apply to multiple positions that interest them.

The services allow BookJane to continue its rapid growth and foothold in the healthcare market while providing the unparalleled quality service our users have come to expect.

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BookJane is the world’s first award-winning healthcare platform that allows Care Communities to create their own gig-economy to more efficiently utilize their staff, reduce costs and provide better care. The enterprise platform is currently being offered throughout the United States and Canada.

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