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BookJane Repurposes Platform to Help Ontario Medical Association Fight COVID-19

TORONTO, April 22, 2020 - Toronto-based startupBookJane has repurposed its healthcare platform to help the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) meet the demand for physicians in the province’s fight against COVID-19.

“We are helping to provide relief to overworked physicians and directly address any short-staffing need.”

The startup’s J360 platform, which was built to help caregivers fill and manage shifts, will now allow hospitals and healthcare facilities to book a doctor to provide relief to overworked physicians and address short staffing.

BookJane said the OMA was searching for a platform that could connect its 32,000 physician members and 10,000 retired members with hospitals that need additional workers during the crisis.

“Our BookJane J360 Platform will allow any hospital or health care facility in Ontario to book a physician when they need one in seconds,’ said Curtis Khan, CEO and founder of BookJane. “We are helping to provide relief to overworked physicians and directly address any short-staffing need.”

BookJane said OMA persuaded the startup to retool its platform for OMA members. Since then, the OMA has been working with BookJane to tailor the app to ensure Ontario’s physicians are working where they are most needed. The platform launched officially on April 3, and since launch, 1,500 physicians have registered.

The proprietary BookJane J360 Platform allows any hospital or healthcare facility in the province to immediately broadcast a service request to physicians across Ontario, based on proximity and availability. The requests appear directly on physician’s phones through the mobile app to ensure the quickest response time and acceptance of the request.

BookJane had previously developed a mobile app that helps users find caregivers or babysitters for children and seniors on demand. The flagship app, which is still being offered amid the repurposing, lets retirement homes, long-term care, hospitals, child care centers, and agencies find caregivers within their neighbourhood, and search prospective caregivers’ profiles, credentials and availability before they hire them. The company was launched in 2016 and received an investment from Toronto-based Revera in 2018.

BookJane is currently working with other caregiver associations to migrate their memberships onto the platform.

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