How To Increase Your Staff Utilization

Learn how to improve shift fulfillment and staff engagement while providing the transparency, flexibility and foresight you need to deliver the best care possible. 

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What You Will Learn:

  1. Why staff utilization is vital for strategic staffing
  2. Benefits of moving to a centralized staffing model
  3. Creative strategies to pool and share staff across your organization
  4. How to remove bottlenecks through automation
  5. Real-life examples of senior care facilities improving utilization by 40%
  6. Tips for goal-oriented communication to reduce burnout and improve quality of care
  7. How to understand and use staffing analytics in a powerful way


Want to learn how To Improve your staff utilization?


With labour shortages straining already understaffed facilities and influencing soaring labour costs, workforce optimization has never been more critical or top-of-mind for leaders in senior care. So how can operators maximize the use of their existing staff? 

This eBook will help you understand efficient staffing strategies you can implement to maximize staff utilization, streamline shift fulfillment and empower staff with transparency and flexibility.

Why Staff Utilization Should Matter To You

Maximizing your staff utilization not only benefits shift fulfillment and labour costs but can also impact employee satisfaction and client care, leading to: 

  • Reduced Team Burnout
  • Improved Retention 
  • Heightened Employee Satisfaction
  • Continuity of Care

Learn how you can improve your staff utilization in our eBook. 


Ready To Utilize Your Staff To The Maximum?

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