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Boost Morale with a Mobile App

Give your team the freedom to build schedules from their own phones to boost shift fulfilment, morale and retention.

  1. Improved, 24/7 access to schedules
  2. Increased engagement with instant access to available shifts
  3. Simpler, direct communication with 2-way messaging
  4. Stronger team connection and organization with real-time updates
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BookJane Mobile App

Free Your Team to Provide Better Care


Scheduling freedom through the BookJane app increases engagement and fills more shifts. Instant messaging simplifies staff communication, strengthens team connections and improves retention long-term.


Full Access to Schedules

Give staff direct, 24/7 visibility over schedules and shift details through the BookJane app. Release your administrative team from time-consuming, schedule-related tasks.

To Accept Shifts – Just Tap

Give team members the freedom to build their own schedules on their own time, from their own phones. Fill more shifts automatically, without administrative follow-up.

In-App Messaging

Streamline communication between staff members and admin with two-way instant messaging. Ask and answer questions easily, in one place.

Real-time Notifications

Keep your team informed about new shifts, shift changes, procedures and updates – instantly. Message the full team, specific groups or individuals.

Give your staff scheduling choice and convenience – and increase shift coverage. See BookJane in action:

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