Increase Employee Engagement 

Give your team the freedom to build schedules from their own phones to boost shift fulfilment, morale and retention.

  1. Improved, 24/7 access to schedules
  2. Increased engagement with instant access to available shifts
  3. Simpler, direct communication with 2-way messaging
  4. Stronger team connection and organization with real-time updates
  5. Shift swapping have your team take control of their own schedules
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Nurse holding a phone accepting BookJane shifts via the BookJane app

Create Staff Empowerment


Scheduling freedom through the BookJane app increases engagement and fills more shifts. Instant messaging simplifies staff communication, strengthens team connections and improves retention long-term.

Older woman on a phone accepting shifts from BookJane

Accept Shifts – anywhere, anytime

Empower your team to accept shifts straight from their phone, according to their own preferences and availability. Share all open shift opportunities with full-time, part-time, and casual workers and automatically find internal coverage, without administrative involvement.
Healthcare worker viewing thier BookJane schedule

24/7 Schedule Access

Provide staff 24/7 access to their personal schedules directly from their phones. Share real-time updates and shift notes so staff is always up to date with the latest details. Provide full visibility into available shifts and empower staff to accept
Healthcare worker checking their Time off via the BookJane app

Give Your Team Flexibility

Give your team the freedom to control their schedule changes to their accept or decline shifts, submit availability request time off.
Young woman messaging via BookJane Communication feature

Stay Informed & Engaged

Streamline communication between staff members and admin with direct in-app team messaging. Or share important updates with one-way broadcasts.


The BookJane app is currently supported on an Android version equal or above 8.0, and on an iPhone between IOS 12.1 and IOS 15.

What Our Users Say

Testimonial Amica Senior Lifestyles

“Using the BookJane is as easy as 1-2-3. It is quick and convenient and it takes no time at all.

It has improved my life by allowing me to pick up shifts outside of work, my scheduled work time. It has allowed me to have peace of mind and not worry too much about work if there is work available when I need it or not. ”

Jessica B.

Personal Support Worker


“It is comforting to know that if I want to work more, I can go on the app and accept shifts without contacting anyone. Very simple.”

Laura D.

Milton Team Member


"Working with BookJane means more flexibility for work and maintaining work-life balance."

Krunal D.

Registered Practical Nurse

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Give your staff scheduling choice and convenience – and increase shift coverage. See BookJane in action:

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