End-To-End Scheduling

Manage and monitor scheduling of internal and external staff - all in one place

  1. Save administrative time
  2. See and fill gaps at a glance
  3. Reduce overtime hours
  4. Avoid scheduling conflicts
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BookJane scheduler scheduling shifts and workers via the BookJane platform

Simple Scheduling - Built just for healthcare


Create and manage complex schedules with ease. BookJane’s scheduling solution frees you to plan ahead while allowing for last-minute changes. Post shifts, fill vacancies, solve scheduling conflicts, and save valuable administrative effort.

Woman scheduling healthcare workers

Publish Schedules In Seconds

Build and publish team schedules in a matter of minutes for the next week or month. Drag and drop open shifts to assign to team members. Filter your scheduler view by role or department. Create master templates to save time and create reliable shift assignments.
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Keep Employees Informed

Offer your staff a single portal for accessing, managing, and collaborating on their schedules. Stay in touch with 1:1 way or 1-way broadcasts. Empower staff to pick up new shifts according to their availability and preferences.
BookJane scheduling showcasing conflicts and warnings

Identify challenges - before they happen

Get full visibility into every schedule by position and department, across your facility. Identify staffing shortages and instantly create and deploy new shifts to find coverage. Monitor shift acceptances in real-time. Avoid potential conflicts or potential staff burnout.
BookJane scheduler smiling at shift fulfillment results

Make Smarter Decisions With Analytics

Extract powerful insights from your staffing data to make smarter decisions. Track shift fulfillment rates, overtime and agency usage, and more to ensure you are delivering the best care possible and hitting your labor cost targets.

What Our Clients Say

Testimonial Amica Senior Lifestyles

“I was spending 2-3 hours scheduling every single day. Now, I just have to create shifts on the platform and I know it will be accepted within 10 minutes. Since our own team members are accepting the shifts, the quality of care has been excellent.”

Megha K.

Assisted Living Coordinator

Schlegel Villages

“BookJane J360 Workforce has helped us decrease the amount of agency use in our village. With all shifts being worked by our own team members, we are able to provide care levels to our standards.”

Cindy A.

General Manager

SE health

"BookJane has helped reduce our admin time by 70%. We used to spend about 10 hours or more a week texting and making phone calls trying to get staff to pick up extra shifts, but with BookJane we've reduced that to about 3 hours.” 

"I went from someone who did not want the platform, to someone who loves it.”

Melissa G.

Operations Coordinators/Recruiter

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Simplify your scheduling. See BookJane in action: 

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