Automatic Shift Fulfillment

Fill more shifts, faster while eliminating stressful staff emailing, texting, and calling.

  1. Instantly connect with available staff
  2. Prioritize staff with criteria-based callout
  3. Send and receive automatic push notifications
  4. Prioritize shifts with configurable lead times
  5. Retain full visibility over callout activity
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Happe BookJane Scheduler using Automated Callout

How it works

Broadcast Shifts

Share open shifts with available employees in under 30 seconds

Employees Are Notified

Notify employees all at once or sequentially through rule-based distribution

Employee Accept Shifts

Employees pick-up additional shifts through a self-serve app
Automatically Fill Shifts with BookJane Callout

Automatically Fill Shifts

Transform how you fill shifts your shifts! Broadcast open shifts to available employees in seconds and eliminate stressful emailing, texting, and calling. Empower staff to accept shifts through a self-service app and configure rules to automatically fill cancelled shifts without required intervention. Fill more shifts, faster!
Empower Staff via the BookJane app

Empower Staff

Automatically notify staff of new shifts through mobile push notifications. Offer the opportunity to accept shifts based on their preferences and availability. Build transparency and increase hours worked by underutilized team members.
Create Shared Staffing Pools

Create Shared Staffing Pools

Grow your staff pool with shift callouts to partner facilities. Configure callout settings so your internal team members are contacted first, then fill gaps with shared staff resources. Keep costs down by filling shifts reliably without an agency.

What Our Clients Say


“I love the platform! It has helped me save so much administrative time every day not having to call team members anymore.”

April S.

Camrose Business Manager

Testimonial Amica Senior Lifestyles

“Before BookJane, I was living on my phone. I would spend 2 to 3 hours a day to find staff, now I spend 5-10 minutes. 

Since our team members are the ones  accepting the shifts (versus agencies), the residents are happier and the quality of care is excellent.”

Megha K.

Assisted Living Coordinator

SE health

"BookJane has helped reduce our admin time by 70%. We used to spend about 10 hours or more a week texting and making phone calls trying to get staff to pick up extra shifts, but with BookJane we've reduced that to about 3 hours.” 

"I went from someone who did not want the platform, to someone who loves it.”

Melissa G.

Operations Coordinators/Recruiter

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