Empowering Staff To Improve Utilization Will Decrease Agency Spend 

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SE Health X BookJane Deep Dive

Learn how BookJane has helped support SE Health’s efforts in automating and enhancing its current call-out and scheduling processes, improving efficiency, increasing staff utilization and reducing its reliance on staffing agencies.

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March 2nd

Transforming Amica's Staff Deployment Strategy

Learn how Amica achieved 90% shift fulfillment and improved their staff utilization by 25% with automated call-outs

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Solving The Healthcare Labor Shortage

We discussed the role that technology will play in overcoming the labor shortage in 2022 and how healthcare providers can re-evaluate their approach to staff scheduling and management to maximize their workforce, reduce overtime and agency hours and provide the highest degree of care.

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BookJane + OLTCA KnowledgeBREAK

During the Ontario Long Term Care Association's KnowledgeBREAK Webinar, BookJane discussed how technology is advancing Ontario's long term care and senior living sector.

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Healthcare Leadership During Covid-19 And Beyond

BookJane and host Charlene Nadalin, President and CEO of Amintro, spoke with Bob Kallonen, President of Amica Senior Lifestyles — a premium senior living operator focused on innovation, excellence and collaboration — about healthcare leadership during the pandemic and beyond. 

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The Legacy Of The Pandemic

BookJane’s Chief Technology Officer, Raul Rupsingh, and Marc Saltzman, Technology Expert and Journalist, discussed The Legacy of The Pandemic: How it Catalyzed a Health Care Technology Revolution That Will Outlive it.

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Helping solve critical health care staffing challenges during COVID-19

Watch Michael Li, our VP of Operations, give an interactive demonstration of BookJane’s platform and how you can optimize and mobilize your workforce during COVID-19 and beyond.

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