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communicate with your team Instantly

Keep your entire team informed and updated with broadcasts, group bulletins, and private messages.

  1. Share news and updates instantly
  2. Improve communication organization-wide
  3. Engage your team
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Broadcast Announcement

Streamline and simplify your communications


Keep your whole team connected and informed, while saving administrative time and effort. Quickly share news, updates, and changes with groups and individuals.

Connect With Your Team

connect with your team

Create a group chat with team members, or reach out for a private 1:1 conversation.
Keep Everyone Notified

Keep everyone notified

Make general announcements, share news, and relay updates to your entire team.
Manage Communications In One Place

Manage all your communications in one place

Never miss a message. Reduce your administrative burden and ensure your whole team is up to date.

Streamline your communications. See BookJane in action: 

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