BookJane, a critical staffing solution for senior care facilities!

BookJane is responding directly to the urgent needs of long-term care and senior care facilities to find healthcare workers, and facilitate faster staff mobilization and shift fulfillment.

We understand the current challenges faced by the healthcare industry. From frontline workers to corporate care leaders, BookJane is built with every stakeholder in mind. Our J360 platform allows fast and easy shift fulfillment, increased staff retention and a significant reduction in costs; allowing more focus on quality patient and resident care.

See how we have helped OLTCA drive result

Our deep knowledge of the senior care workforce is reflected in our award-winning platform. We are here to help you achieve high quality care, improved productivity, and greater profitability.

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OLTCA's KnowledgeBREAK Webinar

BookJane sponsored the Ontario Long Term Care Association's KnowledgeBREAK Webinar. Listen to Michael Li, VP of Operations at BookJane, discuss how BookJane's technology is advancing Ontario's long term care and senior living sector.